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What is hazardous area?
IEC 60079-0 stated that hazardous area is an area in which an explosive atmosphere is present, or may be expected to be present, in quantities such as to require special precautions for the construction, installation and use of equipment.
What are the qualification for personnel that involved inspection on Hazardous Area?
a) COMPex Ex 01-Ex 04 or b) IECex CPOC EX007 and EX008 ( Ex001 refers to a general certification, and is not permitted for performing Hazardous Area Inspection) or c) EEHA (for Australian and New Zealand) or d) NR10 (for Brazil project)
Is it possible for COMPANY or Contractor to use Electrical inspector to perform Hazardous Area inspection?
No. Based on IEC 60079-17 section 4.2 "The inspection and maintenance of installations covered by this standard shall be carried out only by experienced personnel, whose training has included instruction on the various types of protection and installation practices, the requirements of this standard, the relevant national regulations/company rules applicable to the installation and on the general principles of area classification (see Annex B). Appropriate continuing education or training shall be undertaken by personnel on a regular basis. Evidence of the relevant experience and training claimed shall be documented and available".
What are the grades available for Hazardous Area Inspection?
a) Visual Inspection b) Close inspection c) Detailed Inspection
What is the correct method in verifying a genuine certification/ certified personnel?
a) COMPex – COMPex UK b) IECex – IECex website c) EEHA – any EEHA training provider
What are the personal materials considered critical in order to perform Ex inspections?
A. Personal 1. Safety shoes 2. Coverall (NOMEX) 3. Safety Helmet 4. Gloves 5. Safety Glass 6. Dust Mask 7. Safety Harness / Safety Belt (if needed) 8. Ear Plug/Ear Muff B. Tools 1. Multimeter/ Voltmeter (2 sets) 2. Insulation Resistance Test 3. Tools Kit 4. Gas Detector (Offshore) 5. Printer/Scanner (Offshore) 6. A4 paper 7. Ex Tag (TBA) 8. Electrical Tape