Our Services

Our services are relevant and applicable throughout the full lifecycle of a project, starting from Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, and up to Maintenance, as required by applicable Technical Standards, compliance to industry regulations, and Client requirements.


As a globally-recognized Ex specialist, our core team is made up of competent and performance-driven individuals, complemented by our pool of certified Ex Competent Persons. Our combined industry experience enables us to provide pragmatic solutions to our clients, irrespective of geographical locations

We take care of your Ex


Ex Inspection

  • IEC60079 Standards
  • IntellExTM software
  • Grades of Inspection
  • Ensure E&I equipment in Hazardous Area are inspected to IEC60079 standards
  • Smarter inspections using our proprietary IntellExTM software
  • Covers Visual, Close and Detailed Inspection

Ex Rectification

  • Explosions Risks minimized
  • Eliminating ignition risk
  • Types of Rectifications
  • Ensure integrity of E&I equipment in Hazardous Areas are maintained and explosion risks minimized
  • Used to close findings from inspections to reduce/ eliminate ignition risk
  • Covers quick fixes, interim and permanent rectifications

Ex Consultation

  • Explosion-Protection (Ex) compliance
  • Advisory on Ex certifications
  • IEC60079 Standards
  • Solution on Explosion-Protection (Ex) compliance, design, engineering, procurement, installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting
  • Advisory on Ex certifications of new products and designs
  • Ensure compliance to IEC60079 in terms of design, manufacturing, installations and maintenance

Ex Training

  • IECEx CoPC scheme, guided by our certified Ex trainers
  • Provide Ex awareness (Ex001 for applying basic Ex principles up to Ex010)
  • Technical competencies
  • Develop knowledge and capability in IECEx CoPC scheme, guided by our certified Ex trainers
  • Covers all competency units, from Ex awareness, unit Ex001 for applying basic Ex principles up to Ex010 for performing Ex audits
  • Tailored for individuals with different technical competencies

Fitness for Purpose Assessment

  • Risk Assessment to demonstrate an equivalent level of safety within an existing installation where IEC60079-14 compliance is not evident

Ex Unit Verification

  • Consultation and advisory service to facilitate packagers/ manufacturers to obtain Certificate of Compliance